introducing our intelligent digital ecosystem.

Our intelligent mobile ecosystem seamlessly integrates the entire delegate experience from registration to departure.

Mobile Application

With the success of the 2017 Saphila App, we will focus a large portion of our integrated experience on this technology, with several new technologies being added.

Core features

* About
* Speakers
* Agenda

* Customised itinerary
* Delegate management
* Exhibitors
* Venue map and directions
* Conference logo and information
* in-app notifications
* Social sharing
* Full content management system

Intelligent new features

In 2019, our mobile application now connects to other data sources, interfaces with other systems and creates a truly intelligent personal experience for delegates.

Location-based intelligence

Location technology will be added to both the application as well as the environment.
New features allow wayfinding, proximity alerts, stream monitoring, and new networking opportunities.

Location beacons provide information, leads and insight into brand engagements at stands.


Personalised messages can be sent via proximity to areas, and footfall tracked to measure capacity at streams and venues.

Sponsorship opportunities:

Location-based alerts and advertising triggered in geofenced areas (after party sponsored by…)

Intelligent Collaboration

The addition of a topic-based chat engine, delegate-matching AI and location-based engagements allow opportunities for collaboration and community.

Sponsorship opportunity : Sponsor a #topic in the chatroom, delegate matching sponsorship and location-based notifications.



Live streaming of talks and events to mobile and remote screens, chat and additional communication channels allow more freedom of movement and facilitate engagement.

Sponsorship opportunity: Video ads are able to be served between sessions on remote screens, and to app-users consuming content via the video streaming in-app. 

Data: The new Gold


Live data provides real-time oversight over behaviour, action and operations. This is fed back into the system to provide incremental improvements.

Operations can view footfall, attendance, engagagement in each location, stream attendance, speaker sentiment for example.

This data can be fed back to delegates, remote screens and external social media platforms.

Sponsorship opportunity: Information provides deep insight into our audience, behaviour and actions, informing improvements to the next Saphila, increasing attendance and ultimately, revenue.