The Plenary 

The opening plenary will kick off with a four dimensional projection onto a PepperScrim. This technology and stage craft epitomises the very essence of intelligent enterprise.

Imagine a hologram that looks so real that 3D objects appear to float in mid-air or surround a performer on stage, showcasing the beauty and movement between the user and the intelligent enterprise that is becoming a part of their everyday life.


The result will be an amazing, innovative and unique holographic show. 

Three wide screens will hide the expo from view during the Plenary session.


Hosting the plenary in the upper level of the Superbowl provides a dynamic and innovative engagement environment, which will maximise and enhance the delegate and partner experience.


On completion of the plenary session the screens will dramatically lift to reveal the entire exhibition space below.

This provides an excellent opportunity to leverage the audiences heightened emotions as we reveal the expo - the focal point of the event.


A set of stairs will be constructed directly from the Plenary down to the Super Bowl, allowing guests to immediately descend and interact with Partner's stands.