Exhibition Floor Plan


Stand Packages

The exhibition is the heart of our two day agenda, where delegate and partners will have the opportunity to network and be exposed to the latest offerings in the market.

Our innovative design creates an open and welcoming environment that talks to the theme in a visually exciting way.

One of the key elements of the expo is for the partners to receive detailed information about the delegates who have shown an interest in their products and services.


This year, we incorporate this through our app in an entirely unique way. Beacons will be placed at each stand, which will automatically sense when a device loaded with the app is within a certain range.

The system will also capture how long the delegate spent on the stand. If the delegate spends more than 90 seconds at the stand, they will receive a notification asking if they would like to be contacted with more information - if they reply " yes", this will be passed on to the partners as a qualified lead, as well as all of the information about who visited the stand and the amount of time spent on each stand. An integrated Intelligent Enterprise solution at work.


Additional requests outside of the scope of this document are also a possibility and will be costed individually. 


The Line-Up:

* SAP Stand

* Diamond Stand

* Platinum Stand

* Gold Stand

* Demo Pods 

* Catering Stand

SAP Package

The SAP stand provides a hub for intelligent enterprise and has by far the most visual impact. At almost 3 times the size of the Diamond stand floor space, this stand provides an exhibition within the exhibition.


Package Rate: R3 300 000

Package includes:

• 144m2 Exhibition stand

• 100 x event passes

Raised wood look floor

Higher stand, larger and more prominent than the others

SAP branding and colour scheme

 8 x large bulkhead branding panels

8 x product / partner display areas each with own counter and screen

6 x 42” screens; 3 x 55” screens; 1 x 84” screen

8 x plug points

4 x island product display areas

Storage room

24 x downlights

4 x flood lights

4 x café tables & 16 x café chairs

4 x large graphic panels

54m2 graphics


Diamond Package

The Diamond Package is our premier package, offering the greatest impact, the maximum range of services and benefits, expansive space utilisation and comprehensive stand branding, all set in the prime location within the exhibition.


The most sought after package on offer, this huge stand is higher than the others for improved visibility, and has a large bulkhead for 360 degree branding. Fully equipped with cutting-edge technology, this stand offers a private boardroom, networking space, plus premium service and unmatched visual impact.


Package Rate R1 300 000

Package includes:

• 49m2 Exhibition stand

• 20 x event passes

Raised wood look floor

Large bulkhead structure all around and allows for logos in all directions

8 x large logos across the stand

4 x large graphic panels

2 x 65” screens & 3 x 42” screens

2 x Additional storage cabinets 

Raised boardroom enclosed for privacy with presentation screen

• Bulkhead detail in boardroom with pendant lights

4 x pot plants

14 x downlights

4 x plug points

2 x café tables & 6 x café chairs

1 x coffee table & 5 x single chairs for the boardroom

34m2 graphics

• Event lanyard branding 

• 2 x stream speaker slots


Platinum Package

Comprehensive branding, networking hubs, ample space, exquisite design and finishes plus superb technical support all make this a high impact package option.


The offer for this package is limited and based on the success and popularity of the package in previous years, it should sell out quickly! 


Package Rate R650 000

Package includes:

· 25m2 Exhibition stand 

· 10 x event passes

· Raised wood look floor 

· Large bulkhead structure with large branding

· 6 x logos (3 x small; 3 x large)

· 3 x full graphic panels

· 3 x 42” screens (2 x USB; 1 x HDMI)

· Additional storage cabinet

· 1 x pot plant

· 2 x café tables & 6 x café chairs

· 12 x downlights

· Raised meeting area with glass balustrade

· 26m2 graphics

· Open on all sides

· 3 x plug points

· 1 x stream speaker slot


Gold Package

The Gold Package offers a uniquely tailored opportunity for partners and sponsors with smaller budgets, looking to collaborate, connect and make their impact at SAPHILA 2019!


Its design is deliberately concise and convenient with a view to producing maximum visual and interactive impact in minimum space. 


Package Rate: R250 000

Package includes:

• 9m2 exhibition stand

• 3 x event passes

• White melamine raised floor with graphic detail

• 1 x 42" wall mounted screen with an HDMI cable

• 2 x full graphic panels and back wall graphic (16m2 graphics)

• 1 x bistro table & 3 x bar stools

• 4 x logos (2 x small; 2 x large on side wall)

• 2 x plug points

• Larger L-shape counter, sprayed finish with lockable storage

• Bulkhead structure with 4 x downlight and additional branding on the bulkhead


Demo Pods

These dynamic Pods have been designed to make their presence felt. More floor space than they had in 2017, they will create a line of visual impact around the exhibition space.


Our Pods give the budget conscious an opportunity to showcase their business offerings.


Package Rate: R70 000

Package includes:

• 6m2 Exhibition stand

• 1 x event pass

• L-shaped counter, sprayed finish with lockable storage

• 42" wall mounted screen with HDMI cable

• 1 x full graphic panel & backwall graphic (10m2 graphics)

• 3 x logos (2 x small; 1 x large on side wall)

• 1 x plug point

• Wood look raised floor

• Bulkhead structure with 2 x downlight

Catering Stands

Our popular catering stands situated in key positions within the Exhibition space will be available for sponsorship again. Options include smoothie or cappuccino bar, or a hot chocolate and donut stand. 


Sponsors will be invited to ‘splash’ their branding across cups, serving units, staff outfits and much more, offering extensive interactive exposure for their company.

Package rate: R200 000

Stands include:

  • 9m2 Exhibition stand

  • 2 x event passes

  • 3 x plug points

  • 1 x 42” screen

  • 3 x logos

  • 1 x large branding panel

  • Lockable storage

  • 9m2 graphics