App Add-Ons

Augmented Reality

Package rate: P.O.A

State-of-the-art persistent AR technology provides new opportunities for sponsors, engagement for delegates and additional channels for marketing and engagement.


Intelligent Networking
(Tinder for Business)


Package rate: R200 000

Delegates are matched by interest, industry, position and company by an artificial intelligence algorythm, that uses machine learning to adapt over time.

New networking opportunities are realised by combining interests, context and location.

The sponsorship package includes "engagement ads" for selected matches, by topic or industry. 


How it works:

  • Each user adds their industry to their profile and chooses from a list of #topics #interests. 

  • The system gives them 10 profiles per day of possible matches. 

  • Swiping left ignores the match, swiping right expresses interest.

  • When both parties have swiped right, the system displays 'Its a match' and loads the sponsor screen.

  • The parties can then start a private chat between them.

Stream Speakers


App Extras Available to Stand Sponsors Only


* The below smaller App sponsorship options are only available to Partners that have already bought an Exhibition Stand, and are not stand-alone opportunities. 

* Sponsored Chat Room #topic

Rate: R10 000 (only 4 available)


Sponsor a #topic in the App chatroom, delegate matching sponsorship and location-based notifications.

* Streaming Video Ads 


Rate: P.O.A


Video ads between  stream sessions, shown on remote screens, and to app-users consuming content via the in-app video streaming.

* Location-based Ads

Rate: R25 000 (only 6 available)

Location-based alerts and advertising triggered in geofenced areas (after party sponsored by…). Only activates when a user enters that specific area at a specific time of day.